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Swedish Fencing: This is what we stand for

Swedish Fencing will act as a responsible member of the national and international sport organizations we belong to. We should make sure that our voice and our interests are heard but always with long-term development and sustainability in mind.

Our opinions and actions should be based on the principles of good governance and fair play.

On the national sports level, we represent the interests of a traditional Olympic sport and promote the fundamental principles of good governance that we think are essential for the organisation of Swedish sports in order to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow.

On the international sports level, we work to promote good governance in the organizations we belong to.

Our priority is to achieve a change in the Olympic qualification rules to allow more federations to have Olympic participation. We believe that this will help the development of fencing globally and also increase the status of our sport in the Olympic movement.

In 2021 we presented a proposal to the FIE Congress for a new qualification system. We have also written letters two letters to the president of the International Fencing Federation, Mr. Alisher Usmanov, underlining that the need for a change is urgent. The second letter was signed not only by us but also by the president of 23 other fencing federations.

Sofar, the FIE has informed us that they will not let the proposal be presented at the Congress. We hope that more federations will join us in the struggle to obtain a more balanced qualification system.

Read our proposals:

Proposal: Olympic Qualification System in Fencing

Proposition: Système de qualification pour les Jeux Olympiques

Propuesta Sistema de clasificación para los Juegos Olímpicos

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