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The Current Qualification System

In the tables and graphs below, important consequences of the current qualification system to the Olympic Games are described. The data comes from the five last Olympic Games in Athens, Beijing, London, Rio and Tokyo.

Table 1: Olympic Qualification and Medals in Fencing 2004-2021

Table 1 shows the participation and the medals for the six most successful federations in the last five Olympic Games. These six countries account 40 per cent of the individual participation, almost 60 per cent of the participation in team events and more than 70 per cent of the medals awarded in the fencing events of these Olympic Games.

Table 2: Number of team qualifications per NOC in the period 2004-2021

In table 2, the total number of Olympic team qualifications in fencing 2004-20 21are presented. The correlation between team qualification and success is strong since team qualification also means three qualifiers in the individual competitions. In total, only 26 countries have qualified to a team competition in this period.

Participation in individual events 2004-2021

The graph below shows the dominance of six countries also in individual. Only 24 countries have had 10 participants or more.

A total of 69 countries have participated in the last five Olympic Games in fencing. This does not even represent half of the FIE members.

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